About us

BVS Polska – the new generation of mobile fencing

BVS Polska is the sales organization of KK Service Spólka z o.o. SK. Together we fixed the target to stop the since many years on going decrease in the quality of mobile fence.

Mass production is NOT our policy !

Hand welded, hot dipped galvanized mobile fences with well known „tube in tube“ system is our idea of real quality. Each single type of accessories up to all blocks are made by ourselves und controlled.

We produce all products around the topic „mobile fences“. This means for example transport pallets, barriers, security concrete blocks.
All these advantages are covered by own trucks of KK Service Spólka z o.o. SK, specialized for loading mobile fence, bringing the best service for our customers.

European wide working DIY markets are our customers as also main wholesalers for construction material and special renting companies for mobile fence.

Our products are standing yearly on the biggest events in Europe like Nova Rock Austria, Wacken, Rock am Ring, Hurrican, Southside Festival …
in addition at all main Ironman events, bicycle champion ships and many Marathons.
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