We have a big product range with high quality of temporary fencing systems

The choice of product will entirely depend on your needs. Are you starting a construction and planning your building site? Maybe you are preparing a big event? Or you simply want to protect your area against illegal access? Look no further.

To succeed you need to provide necessary security. We strongly believe that ‘safety comes first’ hence in our offer you will find all temporary fencing solutions. We provide a big range of high quality fencing solutions for building sites, event and protection of your property.

Mobile fencing systems

For building sites we have a big offer on mobile fences. You can decide between open and closed systems, in case you want to ensure view protection. Specification can be changed to accommodate your requirements in terms of the height, length and material. We offer a range of gates and concrete barriers, corresponding to fences, as well as, all types of feet: plates, concrete base, recycling base, plastic base. All systems guarantee the best stability of our products.

Mobile fencing systems for all applications

We recommend our stage and police barriers for events and protection of objects. Our stage barriers offer a great control during concerts and shows. Our police barriers are created to hold highest levels of pressure caused by high numbers of event attendees. Their endurance is enabled by 2 stabilizers situated on both sites. Our entry control systems have been designed to control the flow of visitors.

We offer different types of barriers to close or secure streets and highways. One of them includes reflection strips for a better visibility for drivers. We have many accessories to create your system according to your needs and requirements, like connectors, barbed wire holder, stabilizer for stability and security.
Making the logistic more comfortable we also offer a transport systems for all of our barriers and panels.

All our products guarantee highest level of quality. 360° hand welding and hot dipped galvanization with different options of connecting systems.