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Construction fencing-outlet – your partner for mobile and temporary fencing systems

We offer you a big assortment of mobile fences in different heights – corresponding accessories for an easy and secured assembling.
All this in a unique quality, called “tube in tube-system” – directly from manufacturer.


Our philosophy of quality:

In all of our mobile fencing products we always use the same base: Firstly, we drill a hole in the vertical tube at the top and the bottom. Then, we move the horizontal tube into the vertical tube.
Thanks to this technique we achieve the best possible stability of each frame. Please take a look to the following video.

All of the welding points are done by MIG welding process, and are 360° hand welded.
You can really see the welding points on our panels!

We offer several connecting systems. In a hook and eye system we only use the original version.
A 12 mm hook is welded in front of a frame and an eye is on the opposite side.

All of our products (excluding model economy) are hot dipped galvanized. To ensure the best quality we follow DIN 1461 standards. The hot dip galvanized method ensures extended lifetime of the fencing as opposed to the traditional galvanizing method. It gives five times better coating of zinc to protect the material. Each panels goes into a zinc bath of 450°C. Then, a chemical fusion takes place between steel and zinc, which can give the panel additional protection for use in particularly aggressive environments.
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Use our competence in all matters of temporary fencing.